About Us we are m licious

M LICIOUS is a quality initiator from RMP farms.

M LICIOUS is a quality initiator from RMP farms. Our group consists of RMP COMPRESSORS, 1979 & RMP DEVELOPERS. Our mission is to produce and supply farm fresh milk in glass bottles. This is farm-to-home milk from Coimbatore’s modern dairy farm with a targeted production of 2500 litres per day. Located in the foothills of Western Ghats, close to Coimbatore the farm is equipped with the finest International technology for feeding and milking, confirming to International dairy practice.

M LICIOUS the real milk, is a brand focused on giving fresh chilled milk within an hour of milking. Refrigeration is the important factor to preserve the freshness of milk. Bacteria grows rapidly in milk above 4°C, which is not suitable for human digestive system. Thus it is extremely important to ensure that milk is maintained at 4°C. We at M LICIOUS ensure that our milk is chilled at 4°C and promise that our customers get chilled milk.


We assure you that your milk is truly farm fresh,

  • Your cold milk will be at your doorstep within 3-4hrs of milking
  • Freshness is ensured in our sterilized glass bottles
  • Freshness is also enhanced with our milk cooler where in the milk is cooled and stored @4 degree cel

All this is for you to experience the real milk.

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We’re producing 100% organic milk, See our video to get more insight.