FAQ we are m licious

  1. Why M LICIOUS milk?

    Almost 70% of milk is adulterated. M LICIOUS is farm fresh, pure cow milk that comes directly from dairy farm to your home without undergoing any processing. Since this milk is not processed, it contains all good minerals and vitamins that are naturally found in raw milk.


    All our cows are from fine breeds of Holestein Friesian cows.

  3. Can I visit your farm?

    We will be very happy to welcome and take you around our farm to see our happy cows. Please reach us at farmsrmp2016@gmail.com

  4. How do we deliver?

    We deliver our fresh milk in glass bottles in most part of Coimbatore.

  5. Why is M LICIOUS expensive?

    M LICIOUS milk is everything a milk should be. Farm fresh milk comes from fine breed of HOLESTEIN FRIESIAN cows fed with a planned wholesome meal every day. Maintaining strict quality standards from milking in state of art German machines to filling in glass bottles. This degree of dairy perfection does cost money, considering all this goes into its making it worth every penny for healthy milk.

  6. How do I order M LICIOUS milk?

    CONTACT US +91 96262 06000 (OR) farmsrmp2016@gmail.com

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We’re producing 100% organic milk, See our video to get more insight.